Monday, March 10, 2008

A Political Soapbox: Help RIF

I hate it when people email/forward me information about an issue and urge me to contact my Congressperson or Senator. However, I don’t feel as assaulted by the issue urger when I can voluntarily read about it on a blog.

So . . . please allow me a minute on my political soapbox.

General Message: There is a national program called Reading is Fundamental (“RIF”). President Bush is seeking to cut funding to this program. RIF has mobilized and is circulating a letter of support to members of Congress and the Senate. You can help by contacting your representatives, urging them to sign the letter. For an easy email form, go here.

Personal Endorsement: I was a childhood recipient of RIF books in Portland, Oregon. At my school (Atkinson Elementary), every semester or so each class would go to the library where age-appropriate books would be arranged on tables. We would then have a few minutes to browse at each table, and, at the end, we would get to select a book. For FREE. To take home. To keep. Forever. I thought it was better than candy. I still have several RIF books (stamped with the program’s bookplate). The RIF books I can recall from memory include Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle and Fog Magic, both of which are magical books that affected my life.

Anyway, there is my personal plea. Help support RIF by visiting this website.


Danielle said...

I love just about any program that promotes reading--go RIF!

blakecgriffin said...

I just found a book at Border's that said reading makes you dumber. I'm getting mixed signals.