Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hobby Update

Since my last hobby post, I have read the owner’s manual for my digital camera and most of Photography for Dummies. I even made a little cheat sheet with icons and definitions on it, so I will remember everything I read when I actually go to take pictures later. I haven’t tried most of the features on my camera, but I at least know what it can do. I have also discovered that I need a new digital camera—one with a better lens and zoom. Ah, well. Won’t it be ever so much more impressive when I take fabulous pictures with a lesser camera?

Ironically, I haven’t taken any real pictures since I figured out what my camera can do. I even pack the camera around on a fairly regular basis, but pulling it out is apparently out of my comfort zone. I’ll have to work on that.

In connection with my as yet theoretical hobby of photography, I have recently become interested in photo editing software. I have a suspicion that I’ll be receiving Abode PhotoShop Elements this Christmas. I am excited to learn about that. I will supposedly need to take a class and read three books to understand the software and I’m pretty sure that using the software on my computer will make me oh so aware that I need a new computer, but I’ll have a second chance to make all of my pictures flawless.

I suddenly understand why hobbies are expensive.

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