Monday, November 19, 2007

Six Random Facts About Me

1. I am missing my right ring finger. There was a tragic accident involving night games and sheet metal when I was twelve. I celebrate “my finger anniversary” every July 5th. This next July 5th will mark the thirteenth anniversary of the event, meaning that I will have lived longer without that finger than with it. (I had an illustrious career as the first chair clarinet in band until the unfortunate accident. The only other repercussions come in playing the piano and typing.)

2. I care about things like the fact that “about” is capitalized in the title of this blog. Now, normally, a preposition is not capitalized in a title or heading, UNLESS it is longer than four letters. Yeah, I know things like that. I, too, like to read books about grammar and writing and literary criticism. My favorite lately is How To Read Books Like a Professor. (Note in the title of that book, “to” is not generally capitalized, but it is part of an infinitive in this case and is therefore capitalized.)

3. My two international adventures so far have been to Canada and Mexico (not counting the Caribbean). The Mexico trip was fun, but it was my mom, my brother, and me (all blonde) and no Spanish. We were a little afraid when we got stopped on a toll road 200 miles into the Mexican jungle without money. The non-English speaking soldiers with machine guns strapped to them weren’t very patient. We also saw a dead man who had been shot in the head lying in the street. It was best when we stayed on the private beach of our hotel in Cancun and ordered guacamole from the cabana boys. As for Canada (British Columbia, Vancouver), it was pretty, but it was dirty and damp. The walking tour my husband and I went on was picturesque until we hit the not-so-picturesque parts of downtown. The botanical gardens were amazing. I wanted to bring back lots of plants (probably to be swiftly killed by my brown thumb), but they don’t let you bring plants across the border.

4. My drink of choice is Dr. Pepper. I will sometimes go years without drinking caffeine, but I will always love Dr. Pepper more than any other drink. Sprite with a lemon will do in a pinch.

5. I love puppies (a term I use for all canines, regardless of age)! I always have. I used to try to bring strays home on a semi-regular basis. I thought about a career in animal medicine, but nothing can make me cry faster than a puppy in peril. For example, when we were bringing my mom’s puppy, Oscar, home, I was holding him in my lap when he suddenly realized that we had taken him away from his mother and he let out a little yelp/whine. I cried.

6. I am an organizational freak. It is to the point of a psychosis. My mom used to get mad at me because she would have a project out, get up to go to the bathroom or something, come back, and it would all be put away in its proper place. My husband, having lost an item, will call me and I will know exactly what I would have done with it if I had come across it. I can’t function in an area that is not organized. There is an interesting element of the psychosis, though, where a certain area (right now it is the closet in the office) gets out of a control for a long period of time. I then go crazy ripping it apart, organizing it, and putting it all together again.

(Bonus Fact: I like parenthetical asides (and the word parenthetical).)


blakecgriffin said...

You're a weirdo. I read your blog 'In Search of a Hobby' to the fam over Thanksgiving. They thought it was really funny. Well done, sis. Well done.

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