Friday, October 26, 2007

Harry the Nintendog

I love puppies.

I can't have one in my condo.

For my birthday, Matt got me the next best thing: Harry the Nintendog.

When I first tried the game, I was invited to select a breed from six choices: a labrador retriever, a toy poodle, a pembroke welsh corgi, a miniature pinscher, a miniature schnauzer, or a shiba inu. I choose a pembroke welsh corgi. I then got to go to the kennel and select my puppy from the litter.

When Harry and I got home, he was scared and unsure. I called to him and he would look at me, but shiver and whine and stay put. Eventually, I called him enough that he learned his name and my voice. Now he'll only come to me.

We proceeded to learn a few tricks (sit, lay down, shake, and roll over) and to go on daily walks. Harry has to be fed and watered everyday, or else he gets angry and sad. Last week I didn't play with him for three days. When I turned the game on, he was dirty and angry and wouldn't come when I called. It was sad.

At first it was a little weird to call to the digital Harry, but I got over that fast. Now it's a lot of fun to play with him (he romps around like a real dog), take him on walks (he's learned to walk on a leash), and to fed and bathe him.

The landlord doesn't mind Harry at all.