Tuesday, September 25, 2007


My name is Jessica, and I am a bibliophile.

Proof? How about Saturday?

On Saturday, my goal was to finish reading Emma for my impending book club meeting on Thursday. Normally, I've raced through the book club selection of the month eons before the actual meeting, substantially impairing my ability to recall my profound thoughts at the meeting weeks later. This month has been different. Though Pride & Prejudice is a standard work in my bibliophilic sect, I have had a difficult time climbing past the first few pages of Emma.

With that preface, back to Saturday.

On the way to Salt Lake, we stopped at the Orem Public Library, a.k.a. bibliophile-enablers central. The following is the list of books I checked out:

Coming Through Slaughter, by Michael Ondaatje

Collected Stories, by Willa Cather

The Castle in the Forest, by Norman Mailer

Saturday, by Ian McEwan

Orient Express, by Graham Greene

*Remember, those books all have to be returned in three weeks.

Deeming the library visit a success, we continued on to Salt Lake City where my husband innocently dropped me off at Sam Weller's. Sam Weller's is pretty close to the happiest place on earth. (No, it's not Disneyland. My top pick for earthly paradise would be Powell's Books.) Anyway, I spent a blissful hour amidst the stacks and rows and finally purchased just one book: The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak. I have been so enamored of The Book Thief since, that Emma, and other household chores, have been pushed to the side.

Perhaps my book club and their understanding bibliophilic souls will forgive me.

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Annette said...

OH MY...I can't keep up with your illness. But you know...the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. I'm so proud of you! (o: (You know I'm kidding, right?)